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'Lovely 4-year-old Is ELATED On Seeing Her Grandparents After 4 Months'


''The perfect surprise doesn't exist... This delightful footage is of a lovely girl as she gets a surprise visit from her grandparents. "My daughter, Lily (4.5) wanted to throw them (the grandparents) a surprise party for when they came home," the filmer, Nicole Robinson said. "We also wanted to surprise her with them coming home, so mom and dad had a huge chore to make both surprises a success. "We had our in-laws FaceTime my husband's phone when they pulled in the driveway. Then, I asked Lily to show Mimi how nice it was getting outside. It took a minute but she finally realized they were home and she was ELATED." Following the adorable reunion, the youngling takes her "Mimi & Papa" inside the house to show them the surprise party that she had chosen all of the decorations for. "It was a great welcome home party and we had a great dinner together," Nicole added. Name: Nicole Robinson Location: Old Town, Maine''

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