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'Adorable Parrot Acts Like A True Drama Queen While Getting Her Nails Clipped '

Funny Pets are Awesome

'If this aww-inducing video proves anything, it's that there's never a dull moment with a pet parrot. Filmed in Chicago, this clip shows a silly parrot, named Kirah, entertaining her owners while getting her nails done. "My dramatic parrot doesn’t like getting her nails clipped but she’s very sweet, so I recorded her reaction," the filmer, Abdalkreem Y. wrote. Kirah lets out an adorable little scream every time she finds the scissors too close to her nails. What makes it evident that the bird is not actually afraid of the metal blades is the fact that she doesn't try to fly away and appears rather chill (if you ignore the comical yelling parts). This amusing scene was shot on October 21, 2021. Name: Abdalkreem Y. Location: Chicago, USA '

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