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'Mom Feels PANICKY While Riding The Famous 'Dragon' Water Slide For The First Time '


Humorous footage has surfaced from Tenerife, Spain, which shows what went down when a mom entered an enormous water slide for the first time. The video filmed by Leah Mayers features her mom, Emma Charnock vocally regretting her decision to board the thrilling ride in question. The subject keeps swinging up and down while impatiently waiting for the chaos to end! "We took my mum to Siam Park for the first time and took her on one of the biggest rides there, The Dragon, not telling her what it was like," Leah said. "She didn’t go on it for a second time, haha." This was recorded on May 5, 2022. Name: Leah Mayers Location: Tenerife, Spain

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