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'Expert Spends Day On The Beach Teaching Kids Wing Foiling '

Fails Funny

'Life is all about taking chances and the lively people featured in this video totally understand the same. Shared by Titouan Galea, this amusing footage shows him utilizing his wing-foiling expertise to send kids flying. "Just sending kids with a wing foil wing," Titouan said. "The next generation seems to be going full swing!" Once the sailor in the clip holds onto the giant wing, the filmer helps them take flight and sends them toward the water. However, as it's said, the first time's often not the charm. The subject doesn't make it to the water. Despite the botch, it's fair to assume that the excited kids were able to learn a lot from Titouan, considering that he happens to be a Wingfoil World Champion. This footage was caught on camera in Tarifa, Spain on February 25, 2022. Name: Titouan Galea Location: Tarifa, Spain'

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