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'Playful Wives Prank EIGHT Brothers By Getting Them The Same Shirt For Family Gathering '


'Eight wives decided to prank their husbands (all brothers) by buying them matching shirts (without them knowing) for a family gathering. And to say that the reactions were brilliant would be a blatant understatement. From forming a human train and sharing a group hug to dancing and laughing their hearts out, the siblings didn't hesitate in expressing how amusing they found the whole situation. "Us sisters-in-law decided to do the matching shirt prank on our husbands (all brothers)," the filmer, Sulamita I. told us. "We went on a family trip and gave the shirts to our husbands as a 'late Christmas gift' and asked if they could wear it for family photos after dinner." This chucklesome footage was caught on camera on January 11, 2022. Name: Sulamita I. Location: Washington, USA'

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