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'Romantic Wedding Proposal In Greece | Golden Sunset + MAGNIFICENT Ocean View '


'Views of never-ending sapphire blue waters + a soothing sunset + the beautiful city of Mykonos = A place perfect for one to propose to the love of their life. This video, filmed at 180° Sunset Bar, shows Marco Netti asking his girlfriend, Serena to marry him. The captivating scenic backdrop makes the said moment 10x more romantic, which is saying something since Marco's proposal, on its own, is nothing short of a scene straight out of a fairy tale. The filmer wrote: "This video was taken at 180° Sunset Bar on September 1, 2021, while we were celebrating Serena's birthday. This bar is one of our favorite places and during sunset, it literally looks like heaven on earth." He added: "Serena and I have been together since December 2006. Basically, we grew up together. So, it was only fitting that I propose to her. And SHE SAID YES!" Name: Marco Netti Location: Mykonos, Greece'

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