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'INCREDIBLY BRAVE Lineman Stands On Helicopter's Landing Skid As It Takes Off The Ground '


'If it weren't for brave people like the one shown in this video, our homes, schools, and offices would be without power. Filmed by Krista Odette, this gripping footage shows an electrical lineman courageously standing on the landing skid of a helicopter as it flies him to a power line that required his attention. "My family and I were fishing on a nearby bridge and I spotted this helicopter hovering extremely close to the water," Krista told us. "I thought it was quite weird, so I started videoing and this is what I ended up with." "That guy is here for a good time, not a long time," the filmer can be heard saying about the subject as the helicopter takes off the ground. Name: Krista Odette Location: Little Duck Key, Florida'

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