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'Russia: Wagon Avoids Collision With A Big Truck Only To Roll Over In The End'


'A spine-chilling mishap on a dangerous highway was caught on camera on November 2, 2017. This footage was taken on the dashcam of the wagon that was impacted in this incident. The footage shows the driver, in an attempt to avoid a collision with a truck, going sideways and losing control of his vehicle. "This video was taken in Russia on the M5 'Ural' highway," the filmer, Vladimir Snegirev said. "The road conditions can get really unpleasant in bad weather. As can be seen in the video, the crazy truck driver coming from the opposite side completely ignored the lanes and there was no choice for me but to step aside and try not to get into a collision with the trailer." He added: "This resulted in a rollover! The truck driver fled the scene immediately after the crash as he was frightened of taking responsibility." Name: Vladimir Snegirev Location: Russia'

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