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'Car Gets SMOKED In HORRIFIC Accident On Busy M6 Motorway '


'Extremely horrific video of a car getting smoked (literally) after a disturbing accident. This footage was filmed on G Snyda's car's dashcam and it features a vehicle trying to overtake another on a busy motorway. Suddenly, the chasing car hits the median barrier, loses control, gets stuck under a semi-trailer & gets dragged for a second, before being thrown back into the barrier. As a result of the aforementioned events, the car in question gets totally wrecked. "This incident took place during the August bank holiday (2019)," the filmer told us. "It happened on the M6 southbound between J2 and 3. I believe there was a bit of road rage going on. I ended up forwarding the footage to the police."'

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