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'Roundabout Drifting In Opel Omega Goes Wrong | Car Crashes Into Railings '


'This is the graphic moment an executive car failed not once but twice while drifting around a roundabout. Recorded by Dzmitry Babarykau on March 23, 2019, this clip features an Opel Omega busting some cool moves on an almost-empty roundabout. On his first go, the driver loses control and the vehicle starts spinning around. Upon regaining control of the ride, the driver decides to drift once again but this time, the car ends up running into railings. The filmer said: "This accident occurred on Street 52.083938, 23.704494, Shevchenko Boulevard and Franciska Skoriny. Shortly after, a police car arrived at the crash site." Name: Dzmitry Babarykau'

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