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'Mom Surprises Daughter After Spending 15 Christmases Apart *Priceless Reaction*'


''This was the delightful moment a mom reunited with her daughter after 15 years apart. The footage shows the subject appearing in front of her daughter and grandkids in a "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" mask and then removing it to surprise them all, making for a heartfelt moment. The subject then reveals that she had been working with her son-in-law and her daughter's husband, David Tolleson to plan the whole thing out. "This mother from Marysville, CA (originally from Canada) surprised her daughter in Courtenay, BC after not being able to spend 15 consecutive Christmases with her," the filmer, John Francis explained. "The daughter's reaction was beyond priceless, as you can see in the video." Name: John Francis Location: Courtenay, BC, Canada''

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