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'Reversing Car Smashes Right Into The Vehicle Behind It (Moscow)'


'This is what happens when one takes control of the wheel while not being fully aware of how to keep others safe on the road. Recorded on Lev Berger's car's dashcam, this clip features a car ahead of the filmer's slowing down all of a sudden, causing Lev to stop his vehicle as well. The driver in the other car then reverses and crashes into the filmer's car. Lev said: "This incident happened on the Moscow Ring Road. The person ahead moved behind the Nissan in the left lane and bumped it straight into mine. He refused to resolve the issue on the spot by making lame excuses and claiming that he was being threatened. I wasted three hours that day." This accident occurred in November 2017. Name: Lev Berger Location: Moscow, Russia'

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