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'Daredevil Jumps Off A Ladder And Pulls A CRAZY Mid-air Backflip Over Two Speeding Cars '

Superb Humans

'The thing about daredevils is that they aren't afraid of trying even the most insane stuff, as shown in this jaw-dropping clip. This action-packed footage features Chebotarev Evgeny pulling an incredibly dangerous but equally impressive stunt that involves him doing a mid-air backflip off a ladder and over not just one but two speeding cars. "Now this is what you call an incredible show of courage and skill," Chebotarev stated. "This video was taken in the Rostov region. For those of you unaware, I am a self-taught stunt artist and I create + perform all the tricks myself." Name: Chebotarev Evgeny Location: Russia The Ringing Of The Christmas Bells by MusicLFiles Link: License:'

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