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Gilgit Baltistan Landslide After Earth Quake - River Of Rocks || WooGlobe

Natural Disasters

This landslide happened in April 2016 in the Gilgit Baltistan area of Pakistan. The water brought down with itself large stones from the mountain, creating a "river of rocks". Gilgit Baltistan is in the northern part of Pakistan with the mountainous terrain. Landslides and earthquakes are pretty common in this part of the region. A landslide, also known as a landslip or Mudslide, is a form of mass wasting that includes a wide range of ground movements, such as rockfalls, deep failure of slopes, and shallow debris flows. Although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide to occur, there are other contributing factors affecting the original slope stability. #Landsliding #Pakistan

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