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Crocodiles Attack Zebras And Wildebeest During Great River Crossing Migration In Masai Mara, Kenya


My family and I went on a Safari in East Africa. We started our trip with an overnight flight from NYC to Nairobi Keyna. The first leg of our journey began the Massai Mara in Kenya in a private tented camp. The first 2 days were incredible but the 3rd day we witnessed something that I will most likely never see again and it was beyond words. After waking up at 230am for a long journey for a sunrise hot air balloon ride. We headed back to our camp along the Mara River. Our amazing guide was hoping to show us some crocodiles in the river. Being that it was in late December I had zero expectations of seeing the migration and our guide was amazed to see what we came across an incredible migration of zebras and wildebeests being attacked by dozens of crocodiles. I will never forget these 45 minutes as I was literally shaking while filming and trying to take in what I was witnessing. Nature in its purest form without another sole around just my family our guide. Incredible.

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