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'Great White Shark Tries To Attack Diver's Cage - Guadalupe Island, Mexico'

Nature Wildlife

''A terrifying scene of a Great White Shark rattling a cage with a diver inside was caught on camera on August 10, 2019. In this underwater clip, Meghan Rambo can be seen enjoying the breathtaking view of the busy ocean life. When she tries to take a selfie, a hungry shark attempts to attack her cage before swimming away. The filmer said: "This video was taken in Guadalupe Island in Mexico. It was so peaceful to just look in all directions to see if I could see another Great White Shark before this cage attack. I didn't see as many as I had the prior two days, so I decided I should take a selfie, so I put my back against the cage and started filming with my GoPro 7." She added: "When I heard the loud sound, I quickly turned around thinking it was my best friend Kimberly Glancer or new friend Vincent bumping the cage really hard. But it was the Great White Shark with open jaws clamping down on the cage." Name: Meghan Rambo Location: Mexico''

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