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Great White Shark Tries To Attack Cage - Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Nature Wildlife

"This video of great white shark cage attack was filmed by myself, Meghan Rambo, while on a Great White Shark Diving Trip onboard the Nautilus Explorer on Saturday, August 10th, of the coast of Isla Guadalupe, Baja Mexico. The water getting rougher and the surface cages were moving more than normal. I went into the surface cage by myself because my best friend was taking a rest after breakfast. It was so peaceful to just look in all directions to see if I could see another Great White Shark before this cage attack. I didn't see as many as I had the prior two days, so I decided I should take a selfie so I put my back against the cage and started filming with my GoPro 7. Then when I was thrown ford and the loud sound quickly turned around thinking it was my best friend Kimberly Glancer or new friend Vincent bumping the cage really hard. But it was the Great White Shark with open jaws clamping down on the cage. All I could think was wow, this is amazing and have to get this on film and then after the great white shark swam away I saw that the two groups in the submersible cages saw what just happened, so I gave them the thumbs up. I stayed in the cage for another 20 minutes and when I came up Vincent was so excited for me, then I told him I was trying to take a selfie, which I almost never do. I stayed in my wet suit and searched the camera to see if I actually was able to capture the footage. Much to my delight and others on board the Nautilus Explorer, I did. The next thing I did was to What's App Kimberly who was still in the cabin (no cell service) ""Come quick, huge sharks!!! One bashed the cage when I was in it"" Kimberly came quickly to the dive deck thinking I was kidding. The only sad part was Kimberly wasn't in the cage with me when it happened, after all, it was her bucket list trip. "

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