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Horrific Collision Caught On Vehicle Dash Cam !!


had been returning from the grocery store, approaching the Flowing Wells/Wetmore intersection, when the collision occurred. This is when I used to live in Tucson, AZ, USA. I had been a Lyft driver there and with the number of red-light-running incidences that seem to occur, it was only logical to acquire a dash cam for safety purposes. As I recall, there was one fatality, an elderly person. There wasn't much media coverage on this crash, well not as much as if it were an impaired driver who had caused the crash. I believe there were a total of 6-7 vehicles involved, so it's odd that it didn't make much news, even locally in Tucson. So, my guess is that the driver of the vehicle that had ran the red light may have had experienced some kind of medical episode. Or even worse, distracted driving. You can clearly see how that vehicle never slows down. My intention for posting the video is to make people aware that anything can happen at anytime so always be cautious. I am so fortunate that I hadn't been right at the intersection. I am even more thankful that the driver of the white mini van, that was going the opposite direction, managed to keep control and not swerve into anything, especially me! What's even more amazing is how a first responder was already there at the intersection, waiting for the green light. I've seen and had other close calls, but this has to be the most horrific collision I've ever witnessed!

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