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'Caught On Dashcam: High-speed T-Bone Crash Results In A FRIGHTENING EXPLOSION '


'Footage showing a sickening explosion has surfaced from Tucson, Arizona. This video, filmed on A Abejon's car's dashcam, features a car bursting into flames upon being T-boned by a speeding vehicle at an intersection. "I was returning from the grocery store, approaching the Flowing Wells/Wetmore intersection, when the collision occurred," the filmer told us. "I believe there were a total of 6-7 vehicles involved, so it's odd that this incident didn't become big news, even locally in Tucson. "My guess is that the driver of the vehicle that ran the red light was experiencing some kind of medical episode. Or, it could be that they were just distracted. I've seen and had other close calls, but this has to be the most horrific collision I've ever witnessed!" Name: A Abejon Location: Tucson, Arizona'

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