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'Girl Impressively Juggles Five Balls During Rehearsal Break '

Superb Humans

'People who strive for success keep honing their skill(s) even during their downtime, and Julietta B. happens to be one of such people. In this exciting footage, Julietta can be seen flaunting her flawless juggling chops while preparing for a forthcoming circus show. "I recorded this video when I was on tour with Kompani Giraff for their show titled 'Tråkmånsafton,'" the subject said. "It was a family circus show. However, this juggling act was part of my personal training. It wasn't for the show." This clip was recorded in Söderhamns Theatre on October 9, 2019. Name: Julietta B. Location: Söderhamn, Sweden'

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