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Shark Loves Getting Pat On His Head


Florida resident and conservationist James Abernethy captured video of the moment he gave a lemon shark an affectionate nose rub after he spotted the animal swimming off Tiger Beach, the Bahamas, on July 13, 2019. The video shows Abernethy calmly rubbing the lemon shark on its snout as other sharks swim by. He later named the animal Nakawe. Abernethy has been traveling to Tiger Beach since 1998 for the purpose of removing fishing hooks from sharks after he first spotted a lemon shark with a missing eye due to a hook that had been caught on its head. Since that time Abernethy has spent 25 days out of each month hosting shark expeditions in the hopes of teaching people that sharks are not the “mindless predators” they are portrayed as in the media. Abernethy stated that he has removed fishing hooks from at least eight species of sharks through his years of conservation work. Lemon sharks get their names due to their yellow skin color which they use as camouflage when foraging for food in sandy shore areas, according to Oceana. Lemons sharks have short snouts and they typically eat bony fish, crustaceans, and stingrays.

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