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Lucky Van Driver Barely Escapes A Crash


"This was filmed on the M13 Highway traveling home in the late afternoon in KZN, South Africa. Whilst traveling home in the afternoon, I was following a van making our way through traffic. We had just cleared a group of vehicles and passed a large truck when I noticed the golf on the left had a wobbling front wheel. When I saw his brake lights come on I knew there was a serious issue and hit my brakes hard to give myself some extra space just in case. At that moment the wheel sheered all 4 of his wheel nuts and went flying across the lane into the path of the van that I was following. The lady driving with her teenage son in the van had no course of action but to hit the wheel rim although she did try to swerve slightly to avoid it. The wheel exploded under the force of the impact and you can hear shrapnel from the rim flying all over the highway. I narrowly avoided hitting large pieces of the wheel rim. The engine of the van was completely destroyed on impact and this left a large oil slick on the highway. Amazingly no one was injured in the incident. After stopping to assist and check on the drivers of the other vehicles, I was informed that the Golf that lost the wheel had been to a tire shop only 2 days before to have his tires fitted and it appears that they over tightened the wheel nuts causing them to sheer off on the highway. The lady in the van was on holiday and traveling with her son to meet up with the rest of her family at their destination. She had only just done extensive repairs on her engine barely 2 weeks previously."

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