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'Beautiful Timelapse Of A Woman's Pregnancy Transformation (week 6 - 38 + 2 Weeks Postpartum)'


'Lovely timelapse footage showcases a woman's week-by-week pregnancy transformation for her first baby. The subject, Jenessa Crystal began filming herself from week 6, when the changes to her body first started becoming noticeable, and continued all the way up to 2 Weeks Postpartum. Her adorable pet dog and the newborn baby boy also appear in this wholesome montage. "I decided to film this beautiful week-by-week transformation over 9 months," Jenessa said. "Almost every week, I filmed a little clip. I wanted to document my pregnancy and see how much I grew each week. Also, I thought it would be a good keep-sake." The subject further stated that she gained 35 pounds during pregnancy and had lost about 15 pounds by the time she filmed the final shot (2 weeks PP). '

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