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Thank You Ohsoperfectproposal For Posting Our Engagement Video One


Where was this taken? It was taken at Jules Verne restaurant in the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. What was the context? Casey was asking me to marry him. My boyfriend, now fiancé, Casey Goode had this proposal planned for months. We had already planned a vacation for us to travel around Italy once he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan. But little did I know that instead of us staying in Venice, Italy for the last four days of our trip, he had already booked flights to Paris, France and made dinner reservations at Jules Verne for us to end our trip. He told me that we were going to Paris about half way through our Italy trip. So while we were in Tuscany, he gave me the book that I made for him while he was overseas, and in one of the pages was our Eiffel Tower dinner reservation. I was beyond shocked, but he made sure to throw me off by saying, "Now I know everyone's going to think, oh my god, he's going to propose at the Eiffel Tower, but I don't want you getting your hopes up. I just wanted to surprise you with a trip to Paris and a fancy dinner to end our trip." He kept saying all throughout the rest of our trip how everyone was going to be so disappointed when they find out he surprised me with Paris, and didn't propose. He told me my mom was devastated when he told her about surprising me with Paris, and that he wasn't going to propose. Little did I know, that she knew he was going to propose the whole time and this was all a way to throw me off (which worked). I kept reassuring him that I wasn't expecting a proposal because this was supposed to be a trip for us to enjoy being together again, so to not worry about what other people will think. Cut to dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower - Once the final course is brought to me on the tray, I was expecting dessert and it was a ring! When the waiter lifted the lid, I couldn't stop staring at it.. I thought, "There's no way that this is for me. I think it has to be for another table." And then once Casey stood up, I realized it was for me and of course I said YES! The amount of effort and time that Casey put into this trip and proposal still blows my mind and I will forever be grateful. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and we will never forget this moment. I cannot wait to marry my best friend

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