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Singing A Song With My Doggo

Pets are Awesome

The video was taken in New Quay, Wales We were on holiday at the time, my husband and I were rehearsing for our duo and Isaac joined in singing with me as he does most of the time The video content: Christina Wing (me) - Singing Tim Barratt (my husband) - Playing guitar and singing Isaac (Dog) - Singing Isaac is a Romanian rescue dog, he is 3 years old but had an horrendous start in life. He was abandoned at 6 months old, left chained up in a yard. He survived a whole year there alone, when he was rescued he was extremely skinny and had hardly any fur left, he had lesions all over his body and because he was a puppy when he was abandoned, the chain had embedded into his skin, he was in a lot of pain. He was rescued by a charity called ‘Amicii’, they cared and nursed him back to good health for 6 months, he then came to the UK in October 2017 to live with my husband and me. He absolutely loves to sing, I am a singer (which is helpful) and whenever I sing he joins in with me. He is adorable and has come so far from his early days in life.

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