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'STUNNING Up-close Footage Of A Hummingbird Eating From A Feeder'

Animals and Pets

'Isn't nature just phenomenal? Anyone who has any doubts about it can just watch this mesmerizing video and then answer the question. Stunning footage taken by Blake Fruia offers an up-close look at a beautiful hummingbird eating from a well-designed feeder with flower holes. "Who doesn't want to attract these birds to their yard?" the filmer asked. "All you need to do to lure them in is put some delicious food inside the hummingbird feeder. Turns out we humans aren't much different from hummingbirds, eh?" The captivating video shows the bird flying around the feeder and putting its needle-esque beak into the flower hole to sip its meal. It would be an understatement to call this sight anything other than "impeccable!" Location : Sunset, South Carolina'

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