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More Murmurations - Simply Because They’re So Wonderful To Watch! Wednesday 20 March 2019


This video was was taken by myself (Pacificnorthwestkate - Kate Paton) in the early morning of 20 March 2019 in Delta BC Canada as the sun was rising - it was a crisp, cold late winter morning and the light was incredible! (I took several longer videos at this time if you need any more?) I'm a birdwatcher and photographer / videographer living in Vancouver BC Canada. The Delta region of Vancouver is an IBA (Important Bird Area) Thousands, if not millions, of migratory birds visit our shores on their migration flight paths along the 'pacific fly way' to rest and feed! It's an incredible spectacle and draws a lot of tourists and bird watchers to the region. Winter is the best time to view these birds before they leave for breeding grounds further north. The beautiful snowgeese breed on Wrangel Island in Russia - but the birds featured in this video are a smaller shore bird (hard to ID exactly from this distance) but could be dunlins or sandpipers - maybe dowitchers or even plovers? They are often hard to ID unless you can can get a close up ID shot. What really interests me personally is the raptors that follow the smaller migratory shore birds - the hawks and owls! I love watching nature and wildlife in action - every day here is different! If you watch the video very carefully - (probably the YouTube version is best high res quality) you can see a Peregrine Falcon is chasing the birds - watch the top of the screen at about the 15 second mark and that small dark bird is the Peregrine falcon - which is why they're murmurating - to avoid his capture! We also get the lovely short eared owls and harriers that hunt the marshes here in winter and one of my favorite hawks - the rough legged! Such a beauty! The rough legged hawk breeds in the summertime on the high arctic tundra and spends the winter further south in southern Canada and the northern parts of the USA - I have just seen the first rough legged hawk of the season arrive! Wonderful! Every year I watch out for the snowy owl too but they only visit occasionally in irruption years! But I'll keep a look out on my daily wildlife walks

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