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'Delta, BC: Hypnotic Motions Of A Stunning Murmuration Of Migratory Birds Caught On Camera '


'Outright awe-inspiring footage has surfaced from Delta, British Columbia, Canada, which shows a murmuration of migratory birds flying above a lake. This mesmerizing video was filmed by avid birdwatcher and photographer/videographer, Katharine Paton. "This was taken as the sun was rising - it was a crisp, cold late winter morning and the light was incredible!" the filmer expressed. "Thousands, if not millions, of migratory birds visit our shores on their migration flight paths along the 'pacific fly way' to rest and feed! It's an incredible spectacle and draws a lot of tourists and bird watchers to the region. "The birds featured in this video could be dunlins or sandpipers, maybe dowitchers or even plovers? They are often hard to ID unless you can get a close-up ID shot." This stunning scene was caught on camera on March 20, 2019. Name: Katharine Paton Location: Delta, British Columbia, Canada'

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