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Amazing Wedding Proposal At Stansted Airport


The location of the video taken was at London stansted airport uk.And context of the video was: airport wedding proposal.The nature and story behind the video is, with my daughter in law (to be) we had arranged a grand display for the proposal as this amazing big proposal goes with my fiancé’s personality it had to be grand lol, after expecting me to propose on our holiday my partner was some what disappointed this didn’t happen so this big proposal was going to be totally unexpected! Jennifer Wilson (my fiancé) is totally a family and friend orientated incredible woman that has so many friends as family so having as many close people around her would of ment the world to her so planning everything as working with the amazing airport staff who fast tracked us and helped set the proposal inc the announcement etc the science was set. After coming through arrivals the ring exchange was made secretly from my daughter in law’s fiancé and the announcement threw off the scent for Jenny as to what was about to happen! Then her total surprise as the balloons popping up to allow the penny to drop from family and friends, she turned to see me on one knee! Everything could not of been more perfect in that moment to see her reaction and the amount of attention from by standers etc and response is overwhelming, inc on Jenny’s Facebook page the video has been viewed over 6.5k times and knowing people that work at stansted airport are still taking about the proposal etc Jenny is the most incredible, beautiful, loving, caring and fun person I know on this planet and I’m truly blessed to now call her my fiancé. This was truly the most amazing and perfect day in my on to the next chapter of our lives

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