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''Toothed Face' - Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorial'


'This makeup artist went all out to create a stunningly creepy Halloween look... and succeeded... BIG TIME! This timelapse shows Sarah Murphy recording herself as she demonstrates how to get the "Toothed Face" look right. "This scary Halloween makeup tutorial was filmed in my office," Sarah told us. "I have dedicated a spare room to my makeup videos, which has all my equipment. "This makeup idea came to me in a dream, and then I couldn't go back to sleep and kept thinking about this huge toothed face. When I finally decided to get up super early in the morning, I knew I had to paint it and get it out of my system." It's worth noting that finishing this look was quite a challenge for Sarah, not because of its complexity but due to the artist's disdain for teeth. She revealed that she had a hard time looking in the mirror during the process. '

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