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'Little Man Gets Violent At MMA Event (Funny) '

Funny Unbelievable

'This is the hilarious moment things almost got chaotic backstage during an MMA event. Recorded by Ilya Leonov in Dagestan, Russia, this clip features a 19-year-old little boy named Hasbula who was invited to an MMA event as a guest. Hasbula decided to spice things up backstage by rocking a fighter next to him with a solid punch to the face. The fighter then proceeds to chase the little boy. The filmer stated: "It was an MMA tournament. The 19-year-old Hasbula loves to joke, so he jokingly hit the guy and started to run away. The guy couldn't catch up with him and then Hasbula himself came up and hugged him in a friendly way. They are friends." This clip has raked in over a million likes on TikTok so far. Name: Ilya Leonov Location: Dagestan, Russia'

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