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Vintage Zombie Pin Up Makeup Tutorial


This Zombie pin-up girl Halloween makeup tutorial video was shot at my home - I have a little filming set up in my bedroom - not fancy but it does the job! This Halloween makeup video is a special effects makeup tutorial. I'm a professional makeup artist with many years experience. I did a makeup and special effects degree at London College of Fashion and, after graduating in 2000, worked in the film and TV industry for a few years before heading back to my home town and ultimately setting up my YouTube channel. My mission with my channel is to provide budget friendly, easy to follow tutorials that people can do at home. My mission with my tutorials is to give people the chance to transform into whoever,or whatever, they like. I work hard to make my tutorials easy to follow, entertaining, and to help viewers feel like part of a family. I'm also very passionate about people not being afraid to be themselves. The zombie pin up is a tongue in cheek nod to the current zombie craze - thanks to shows such as the walking dead. She's a glam zombie with a vintage edge, her face may be falling apart but she still rocks a cats eye and killer victory rolls! I love creating zombies as they are so versatile - pretty much anyone, or anything, can be Zombified, and there are so many creative ways to make them look gory

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