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'Makeup Artist Transforms Into 'Gruesome But Beautiful' Zombie Pin-Up *FULL TUTORIAL*'


'This step-by-step makeup tutorial demonstrates how one can create an incredibly realistic "wounded" zombie look. Charlotte Pingriff, the professional makeup artist featured in this video, has also provided detailed commentary to help her viewers understand each step involved in this stunning transformation. "This Halloween makeup tutorial video was shot at my home," Charlotte stated. "My mission with my channel is to provide budget-friendly, easy-to-follow tutorials that give people the chance to transform into whoever, or whatever, they like. "The zombie pin-up is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the current zombie craze - thanks to shows such as The Walking Dead." The artist described the Zombie Pin-Up as a glam zombie with a vintage edge. "Her face may be falling apart but she still rocks a cat's eye and killer victory rolls!" she added. '

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